Take Time Shopping For Car Insurance

images-33.jpgMany motorists neglect to put enough effort into shopping for car insurance.  Often, people just grab the first price they encounter or accept rate increases that are routine without shopping around the market for the best deal.  Consumers need to compare the coverage in addition to the price of the policy.  It’s disappointing when you file a claim and then realize that your policy doesn’t have a specific type of coverage that you need.

According to studies by Progressive Insurance, six-month rates for auto insurance vary a great deal depending on the company, with the average low being $481 and the average high being $586 across the nation.  What this means is that a driver could be quoted $1,256 for an insurance policy from one company, and $775 from another, both with identical policies.  Another study by Progressive showed that just 20% of respondents had shopped for better insurance prices in the last six months.

Motorists often make the mistake of not spending enough time on their car issues.  This includes shopping around for auto insurance, roadside assistance, an auto warranty, and maintenance.  Just making a few extra phone calls can save consumers a lot of money in the end.

Posted on Wednesday, December 9th, 2009 at 7:00 pm In Roadside Assistance Program