Quality Windshield Wipers Pay Off

images-16.jpgVehicle safety and maintenance is about performing all of the little things right, like replacing your windshield wipers frequently.  A simple task such as this could save you from an accident or help you avoid calling for emergency roadside assistance.   And, purchasing a quality pair of windshield wipers will only cost you $10, according to Consumer Reports.

Three out of the four blades that Consumer Reports rated on top were actually some of the least expensive.  Included in these were the Michelin RainForce, which were $7 for the 18-inch, the Valeo 600 series, which were $9 for the 18-inch, and Anco 31 Series, which were $7 for the 18-inch.

It’s a good thing that good windshield wipers are cheap because they should be replaced fairly often.  According to the report, even blades that are top-rated will degrade after six to nine months of regular use.

If you’re interested in buying the top-of-the-line windshield wipers, you will want the RainX Latitude because those were the only wipers that maintained a “Very Good” performance rating throughout the entire six months of testing.  However, for those you will have to pay $17 for the 18-inch.

Posted on Thursday, December 3rd, 2009 at 6:04 pm In Emergency Auto Assistance  

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