Why Are Teen Drivers So At Risk For Accidents?

images-4.jpgDrivers who talk on a cell phone are impaired to the same extent as an intoxicated driver with blood alcohol of .08. Unfortunately, this is one of the many distractions that teenagers face while driving. They tend to multi-task behind the wheel, which puts them at risk for accidents that could harm themselves and others.

Teenagers have even more to deal with in modern times. They use iPods, switch CD’s, and are distracted by all of the technology on the dashboards of modern vehicles. Another dangerous activity is text messaging while their driving. One out of five teens admit that they have text messaged while driving. With these kinds of statistics, it is essential for teens to be covered by a roadside assistance program.

According to experts, our brains don’t have the capability to drive and multi-task because driving is unpredictable. You never know when a deer might jump out in the road, or a cyclist might swerve in front of you. These events are dangerous, especially if the driver is distracted.

With the distractions of modern times we need to do whatever we can to keep teenage drivers safe. Parents can help by making rules, and purchasing emergency roadside assistance for their teens.