Honda And Toyota Come Out On Top

images-17.jpgBillions of dollars are spent by automakers to build awareness about their cars and promote them. However, marketing is not the only thing that shapes a consumer’s perception of cars.

Consumer Reports National Research Center conducted an Auto Pulse survey, which found that Toyota and Honda automobiles came in first and second place over all the other car brands. In addition, those vehicles have performed well consistently, and usually rank in the top of their classes. Toyota and Honda have also been found to be the most reliable over the years.

In this survey, consumers had to rank vehicle brands in seven different areas. These included quality, safety, value, environmental friendliness, performance, technological innovation and design. The survey also showed the factors that consumers consider to be the most important when purchasing a car.

According to this survey, motorists that value reliability and want to avoid calling their road service program should look to Toyota and Honda. They have shown consistent reliability and consumer satisfaction.

Posted on Saturday, June 13th, 2009 at 10:31 am In Road Service  

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