The Mazda Kazamai

images-16.jpgThe new Mazda Kazamai is highly impressive with its wildly futuristic style. A turbocharged four-cylinder engine that Mazda will also use in production models as soon as 2011, powers the car.

The engine is based on the one in the CX-7 crossover; however, Mazda claims this one will improve mileage up to 30%. A four-wheel drive CX-7 currently gets 17/23 mpg, which means a 30% increase would bring those figures to 22/30 mpg. This is better, in terms of highway mileage, than any other SUV that is a non-hybrid on the market. Also, the CX-7’s current engine is a ton of fun to drive. It is expected that this new turbo engine, and a next generation six-speed transmission will make it to other models, such as the new Mazda 6 and maybe a future edition of the Mazdaspeed3 performance hatchback.

This move is following a trend that has been seen before, where it is possible to add existing technology, such as turbocharging, to gas engines in order to greatly increase mileage. Increasing mileage by 30% in three years is very impressive. Mazda is listening to consumer demands for more fuel-efficient vehicles with new car warranties and roadside assistance. Their turbocharged four-cylinder engine will be utilized in many vehicles.

Posted on Thursday, May 7th, 2009 at 5:55 pm In Roadside Assistance Program