Hydrogen Cars Go Cross Country

images-27.jpgMany people believe that hydrogen cars are like science fiction, a technology as murky as the things that drive them. However, despite some obstacles, such as producing a fueling infrastructure, the big carmakers and Uncle Sam are fans of hydrogen cars and are driving all the way across the country in a fleet of these vehicles to prove they work.

Evangelists of hydrogen left Portland, Maine to take their fleet to 31 cities throughout 18 states during this “Hydrogen Road Tour.” Although hydrogen is considered the most common element, it can be pretty difficult to find when your fuel gauge is on empty. In fact, this could keep roadside assistance companies busy because there are only 62 hydrogen stations throughout the nation. That’s why the fleet is using portable fueling stations to fuel up.

The National Hydrogen Association and the Department of Energy joined together with the Fuel Cell Partnership in putting the tour together. Their hope is to convince Americans that hydrogen is a practical fuel on the verge of commercialization. However, the technology necessary for these cars to end up on roads already exists. It is not a matter of if hydrogen powered cars will be commercially available, but when.

Posted on Thursday, May 28th, 2009 at 4:41 pm In Roadside Assistance Program