Finding A Trustworthy Repair Shop

images-8.jpgMany motorists struggle to find a repair shop that they feel is trustworthy. While some motorists feel comfortable taking their car to the dealership, others prefer going to an independent repair shop. So, which one is better?

You will find several advantages to going to the dealership for repairs. First of all, dealerships pay for their technicians to have special training, and they provide them with special tools and equipment. Dealerships also have a years worth of proprietary information on new vehicles that they have sold. This information is important for making repairs and diagnosis, yet only the dealer has access to it. Finally, dealership service departments only work on the specific makes and models that they sell, so they are good at diagnosis and repairs.

Independent shops also have advantages. Because independent facilities try to serve the neighborhood that they are in, customers can benefit from a more personal customer service. Also, independent repair shops provide more versatile services on a wide range of cars. Also, top-notch repair shops will offer an auto warranty through the supplier of the parts. Finally, prices are usually better at independent repair shops.

There are advantages to both dealerships and independent repair shops. Consumers should find a repair shop that they feel comfortable with, regardless of what kind it is. The important thing is to find a shop so that car maintenance can be performed regularly and in case you need to be towed by roadside assistance.

Posted on Thursday, May 21st, 2009 at 4:50 pm In Roadside Assistance Program