Consumers Look For Efficiency And Performance In A Vehicle

images-11.jpgIn this struggling economy, automakers can’t count on slick styling and big engines alone to lure buyers. Consumers have changed their tastes: appearance and performance are still a priority, but value, gas mileage and practicality are becoming more important than every, according to experts. In addition, people are protecting themselves with new car warranties and a road service program.

Fuel-efficiency stays on the top of people’s minds. A study was conducted in January by the Consumer Federation of America, finding that even though gas is at $2 per gallon, drivers are still looking for 20% better mileage in their next car.

However, don’t count out the importance of performance. Derrick Kuzak, who is the head of product development at Ford said, “I think people are looking for both [performance and efficiency]. He also said the carmaker’s EcoBoost initiative, which is basically downsizing engines for better fuel-efficiency but adding on turbochargers to make up for performance that is lost, is a way to satisfy both demands.

People assume that more power means poor gas mileage, but this isn’t the case. Now there are advanced drivetrains, better aerodynamics and lighter materials. There are popular vehicles in every car segment, from the Toyota Prius to the Escape that are more fuel-efficient and quicker with every redesign.

Posted on Friday, May 15th, 2009 at 6:10 pm In Road Service  

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