New Driving Laws In Minnesota

images-8.jpgAs of August 1st new teen driving laws will take effect, which will help teens sharpen their driving skills. During the first driving year, teens won’t be able to drive late at night or carry multiple teenage passengers.

The Department of Public Safety claims that teens in Minnesota are overrepresented in car accidents every year because of distractions, driver inexperience, driving at night, and not using seat belts. From 2005-2007, drivers who were 16 and 17 yrs old had involvement in 116 crashes that were fatal, which resulted in 133 deaths.

Having these laws will allow teen drivers to be safer and result in less injuries and deaths on roads in Minnesota. Also, having used car warranties and maintaining cars will help teens stay safe on the roads.

The limitation on nighttime driving during the initial six-month licensure period will prohibit teens from driving after midnight, until 5 a.m., unless they are accompanied by a driver of at least 25 yrs of age. Drivers who are 16 and 17 yrs old are approximately three times more likely to have a car crash resulting in a fatality at night than in the daytime.

The limitation on passengers for the initial six-month licensure period will allow just one passenger under 20 yrs old, unless there is a parent or guardian in the car. Throughout the second six-month period of licensure, there can’t be more than three other people in the car under 20 yrs old, unless there is a parent or guardian in the car.

It is recommended by the DPS that parents help reinforce these laws and protect their children by making strict driving rules, purchasing an auto warranty, and signing up for a roadside assistance program.

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