A Bluetooth Speaker For Car Convenience

images-81.jpgFor you drivers out there who are determined to stick with your Bluetooth-less vehicle for a little longer, yet who would like to take advantage of that technology, there may be an easy solution that doesn’t attach to your sun visor.

The new Steering Wheel Bluetooth Adapter fastens to the steering wheel on the inside and adjusts for different fits and sizes.  This gadget comes with speakers and a microphone, as well as an SD port for MP3 players, an LCD display, a USB port and an FM-out that plays everything through your vehicle’s stereo.

The adapter requires a power source, which is why it utilizes the cigarette lighter.  You may think it would seem dangerous to have a wire that goes from the steering wheel to the dashboard.  It does work from a battery that is rechargeable, but when would you really recharge it except while driving?

Probably the best bet would be to charge the battery at home and bring it with you when you leave in the morning.  After all, there could be car accidents and road service calls from people trying to drive with a wire attached to their steering wheel.

Posted on Wednesday, March 25th, 2009 at 8:57 am In Road Service