Toyota’s Drunken Driver Detection System

images-51.jpgUnfortunately, drunk driving is a common practice that is responsible for thousands of car accidents and calls for emergency roadside assistance every year.  Ideally, motorists should take responsibility and not get behind the wheel after drinking, but this doesn’t always happen.

Toyota has taken this matter seriously.  Currently, they are in the process of developing a system for vehicles in which cars are able to detect if a driver is drunk.  If the vehicle detects that the motorist is trying to drive while intoxicated it will shut down the car automatically.

Vehicles that have this detection system will have sweat sensors on the steering wheel, which detect abnormal alcohol levels in a person’s bloodstream.  The car won’t even start if there are high alcohol levels in the driver.

This system will also become affective if abnormal steering is detected, or if a camera determines that the pupils of the driver’s eyes aren’t focused.  The vehicle will then slowly come to a stop.

Toyota hopes to have cars equipped with this system by late 2009.

Nissan Motor has also experimented with devices similar to breathalyzers that can detect drunken drivers.  Other technologies that are similar, like alcohol ignition interlocks, are already being used in the U.S. and other countries.

Toyota and Nissan have taken a step in the right direction.  Hopefully, these new car safety features will cut down on auto accidents and road service calls.

Posted on Saturday, February 21st, 2009 at 4:11 pm In Emergency Auto Assistance  

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