Toyota’s New Safety Feature

images-15.jpgIt seems that Toyota is trying to challenge Volvo for its coveted safety reputation: It’s designed a new supplemental restraint system.  Being called a world-first, the rear window airbag is intended to work together with the head restraints to better protect the heads of passengers in the event of a rear collision.

This new safety system deploys in the same way that side curtain airbags do, from the lining of the roof.  Toyota has planned to put this new innovation immediately into production in the iQ micro-car.  According to Toyota, the airbags will almost double head protection for rear passengers.  That is necessary too, because the backseats of the iQ sit right up against the glass and rear hatch.

While at the moment there aren’t any official plans to bring the iQ micro-car to the U.S., Toyota would love to do so if they can make a case for it, and also if the iQ would be able to pass American safety standards.

Toyota is smart to up their safety standards, since consumers are becoming more and more concerned with vehicle safety.  In addition, motorists are attempting to protect themselves by maintaining their vehicles and signing up for roadside assistance programs.

Posted on Saturday, January 10th, 2009 at 2:41 pm In Roadside Assistance Program