Colorado’s New System That Cuts Down On Collisions

images-81.jpgColorado has a new system that will help prevent road kill along one of the busiest highways in the state.  The system works by using an underground cable running parallel to the highway that is able to sense if an animal is around through an electromagnetic field.  If an animal trips the system, drivers are alerted through electronic road signs.

The system is going to be tested in Colorado on US-160, and radar detectors will be deployed to observe if motorists slow down after receiving the warning.  If it is obvious that the system is working it will most likely proliferate on roadways that have seen a large amount of collisions between cars and animals.

You may think this is a strange idea, or that it’s a waste of money.  And, people have even asked, “Why not just put up a fence?”  Well, if you’ve ever seen a deer jump a fence you would understand why that wouldn’t help the problem.

About seventy percent of collisions on Colorado’s highways involve animals.  With those high numbers something needs to be done about the problem.  The underground cable is a good start, but drivers need to drive more defensively.  In addition, all motorists should have a roadside assistance program in case of an emergency so they don’t end up stranded.

Posted on Friday, January 30th, 2009 at 7:59 pm In Roadside Assistance Program  

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