McCain And Obama’s Differences On Transportation

images-21.jpgJust in case you didn’t know, our country will be holding a presidential election on November 4th.  The candidates have differing opinions on many issues, including transportation and energy.  Here are the major differences.

McCain is in favor of developing alternative energy sources and plug-in hybrids using a market-based approach, while Obama favors research and development that involves more government involvement.  The candidates also have differing views on bio-fuels.  Obama, who is a farm state senator, supports ethanol subsidies and McCain voices opposition to them, as well as tariffs on bio-fuels that are imported.  Obama feels strongly about raising standards for fuel-efficiency quickly, where McCain just supports the current standards.

When it comes to energy issues, there is a difference on the emphasis: Both candidates support a comprehensive energy package, but McCain emphasizes nuclear energy and domestic drilling, while Obama stresses renewable energy sources.  Lastly, Obama feels there should be a windfall profit tax on oil companies, and the revenue should support a $1,000 energy rebate that goes to American families.  McCain is opposed to such a measure, and cites the uneven results in the Carter administration.

No matter which candidate you favor, make sure to get out and vote on November 4th.  Just make sure to leave plenty of time to get to the polls because typically Election Day has lots of traffic and roadside assistance calls.

Posted on Saturday, November 1st, 2008 at 12:33 pm In Roadside Assistance Program