Why Modern Car Technology Can Be Dangerous

images-51.jpgModern vehicles are made with sophistication and elegance.  The dashboard of recent vehicles feature innovative technology that will have drivers in awe.  This technology is a benefit to us all, as long as we know how to use it.  Yet, how many drivers actually know the functions and operations of all of these controls and switches?

When a motorist slips into the driver’s seat, he should become one with his vehicle.  People tend to oversimplify the task of driving.  Sometimes we think the driver only has to perform elementary movements.  However, there is a lot more involved in driving. A defensive driver will make himself aware of the instruments and their operations before he ever puts his car in drive.

It is risky to look for a button or dial while driving because that means that the driver’s eyes aren’t on the road. Unfortunately, playing with gadgets leave people calling for emergency roadside assistance. A safe driver will go through a list of operations before taking off.  For instance, they will flick switches and turn knobs in a set sequence.  Also, they will check the gauges for the ammeter and oil pressure once the engine is running.

Enjoy the modern technology that your car has to offer, but learn about the functions off the road, not on.  Educating yourself in advance can save you from dangerous accidents and road service calls.

Posted on Friday, September 26th, 2008 at 8:40 am In Road Service  

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