“Teensurance” Is Helping Young Drivers Be Responsible

images-62.jpegAccording to federal data, approximately 19 teenagers die every day from crashes.  Safeco Insurance has taken measures to reduce that number.  They now have a driving package for teens that will notify parents if their adolescent breaks their curfew, speeds, or drives outside of the area that was predetermined.  In addition, parents can access the Internet and satellites to locate their vehicle at any moment.

“Teensurance,” is available in the 44 states in which Safeco offers auto insurance.  This is the first effort by a major insurance company to combine safety programs in one package so that teenage deaths can be prevented.  This company, based out of Seattle, has approximately 4.4 million customers.

According to Jim Havens, who is the vice president of consumer solutions, teenagers and parents who used this package, costing only $25 per month, discovered that new drivers were able to earn trust quickly.

Included in “Teensurance” is roadside assistance and parents can use a remote to unlock car doors in the instance that keys are locked inside the car; inexperienced drivers often make this mistake.

Since research shows that teenagers are in the most danger the first months that they are driving alone, it is beneficial to use “Teensurance” and have parental influence during this time.  After all, it could save a person’s life.

Posted on Thursday, June 12th, 2008 at 5:11 pm In Roadside Assistance Program