Roadside Assistance Coverage For Your Loved Ones

vet.jpgTo figure out what roadside assistance program to purchase, think about who or what the various plans cover. It can be more confusing than you would think. For example, under some plans only the insured vehicle is covered and other plans cover the member regardless of what car they are driving at the time.  Most automaker plans apply only to the vehicle for which they policy was issued.


That would be fine unless you want to also cover the family car. The higher rated plans available cover not only the member in whatever car he or she is driving but it is also the same for an additional family member under the same membership.  The better providers will afford this important roadside assistance benefit at no additional charge.


More desirable auto club plans typically follow their member, providing roadside assistance coverage no matter what the vehicle, in most cases even for rental cars.


When choosing an auto road service plan be sure to pick one with these advantages without the need to pay extra.