Mature Adults Should Have A Road Service Program

images-31.jpegAge is not the only factor that determines a person’s driving ability; however, there are physical changes that happen as a result of the aging process that affect a person’s driving skills.  There are over 19 million drivers in the country over 70 years old.

This age group is the most rapidly growing part of the population in America.  This is the reason that a lot of attention is being placed on making these drivers aware of their changing abilities.  It is important to help them drive safely.

According to statistics, older drivers are much more likely to have accidents than all other drivers, even teens.  This means it is imperative that they have a road service program. They also get more traffic citations for not turning properly, failing to stop when necessary, and running through stop signs and red lights.  This indicates their driving ability has decreased.

When people age their vision and hearing diminishes, and their reaction time becomes slower.  Also, older adults are more likely to take various medications that can affect their driving.

Despite the problems that come along with aging, mature adults can be good drivers.  Many have to compensate by changing certain habits.  For instance, some people might limit their driving to hours in the daytime.  In addition, it is smart to avoid driving in dangerous weather.  Mature adults should make sure that they have emergency roadside assistance in case they run into trouble.