Is Free Roadside Assistance Coverage Really Free?

tire.jpgA roadside assistance program that you get for free when you buy an insurance policy, cell phone, or extended warranty is not always as free as it is presented to be.

Some insurance companies, such as Allstate, only cover the vehicle that is insured.  A true auto road service plan does not cover the vehicle, instead it covers the person regardless of what vehicle they are driving.  Also many quality roadside assistance plans include an additional family member at no extra charge.  This is something that is always an additional charge through the so-called “free” plans.

Also, some of these no-cost plans have no frills whatsoever.  They offer only the most basic towing service available and almost always involves a portion of the tow to be paid by the member.  A quality roadside assistance plan is one that allows the member to simply sign a receipt for services rendered and drive away.

Some auto manufacturers provide their own roadside assistance coverage but when the factory warranty ends a charge a very high fee per year to continue with their coverage.  A consumer can’t always do better shopping the different plans available to them in the aftermarket.

The bottom line is a consumer should always research the services that they are provided, even if they’re not paying for them.  It will prevent the possibility of being in a very undesirable situation.