Cold Weather Is Good For Auto Road Service Business

snw.jpgThe recent barrage of cold weather has had many US businesses struggling, but one select group of businesses can’t help but smile, auto road service providers.

Auto road service providers and auto repair shops have reported quite a robust business as sometimes the weather helps to be one of the leading suppliers of their customers.

Even they are not beyond complaining. “I haven’t seen weather like this in recent memory,” said a weary-voiced and overworked 24 hour tow truck driver. “I didn’t get home until two o’ clock in the morning last night,” he said, speaking from his new second home, his tow truck. “The night before that, it was three o’ clock and I start every morning at 7AM.” “On average, I have been dealing with 25-30 calls a day, mostly stalled cars stranded on driveways (which are considered non-emergencies) and people who are stuck on the side of the road or freeway with their car dear or unresponsive (which are definitely emergencies). He states that he normally does about eight jobs a day.  He always responds to emergencies first which ends up creating a backlog of around 20-25 non-emergency calls.  If the Weather Channel is correct, tow truck drivers might get a full night’s rest fairly soon as the weather should be calming down a bit.

Posted on Thursday, February 7th, 2008 at 10:46 am In Road Service  

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