A Roadside Assistance Program Protects Motorists From Rush Hour Breakdowns

images-21.jpegResearch shows that commuters are suffering from more rush hour breakdowns than ever.  These breakdowns that occur between 7am and 9am are leaving carpool moms stranded and employees late to their workplaces.  A roadside assistance program is the number one thing motorists can do to protect themselves from car failure.

Breakdowns can cause motorists to be trapped inside of their car or be exposed to other road dangers.  A recent survey shows that out of drivers who’s cars have broken down over the last two years, 20% of motorists were in a place where they felt it wasn’t safe to leave their car, 15% had children with them and 5% had an elderly passenger who couldn’t walk well.  In addition, 30% of women surveyed admitted feeling stressed about finding help.

This survey also shows that there are five top locations for cars to breakdown.  Many drivers don’t even get out of their driveway, because home is the #1 place for breakdowns.  Next, many drivers breakdown on their way to work, followed by visits to see family and friends.  The fourth most popular breakdown place is at shops, and finally, work comes in fifth place.

Having a roadside assistance program is the best thing that you can do to avoid dangerous breakdown situations.  Road service will prevent you from having to wait a long time for help.  In addition, emergency roadside assistance will help moms get their children to school, and employees get to work.