Roadside Assistance: More Automotive Car Care for the Modern Driver

Revising Rules for Basic Vehicle Maintenance

Some of the unquestioned methods for being a careful car owner are, in fact, proven to be myths. The following are examples of old car care rules that deserve a second look.

  • Pemium gasoline is not necessarily a gas tank scrubber. Using premium gasoline over regular grade fuel does not always provide enough benefits to be worth the extra cost. If you’re a premium gasoline believer, it may be more of a mental fix than a practical gain for your car’s engine.
  • If you drive a front wheel drive vehicle, forget the need for extra weight in the rear of the car for improving transportation on a slippery road or messy driveway. Front wheel drive is already in affect in those roadway conditions and heaving the pounds into a truck bed or car trunk may actually cause damage to the vehicle.
  • Do not put straight antifreeze into a radiator. Instead, use coolants that are a mix of glycol and water to protect gaskets and decrease the likelihood that the coolant will freeze in cold temperatures.

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