Auto Road Service | Tire Tips

Keeping your tires in top condition for a safer ride.Though tire pressure is in the news from time to time, there are a few more items that ought to be put on the checklist where tires are concerned. Improper pressure does cause its fair share of accidents, and up to 50% of consumers neglect to check them.

However, total tire care requires more. The list below can serve as a handy reminder.

  1. Approximately every 5000 miles, your tires should be rotated.
  2. Make sure your spare tire is in good condition – and don’t forget about the jack!
  3. Tire pressure is as easy to forget as it is important. Check at least once a month.
  4. When you check your tires, look also for cuts and nicks to the sidewall.
  5. In a general tire check, you’ll also want to look for uneven wearing, cupping and tread life.
  6. If your car pulls to one side, or you find that your tread wear is uneven, it’s likely time for the alignment to be checked as well.

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