Auto Road Service | Fuel Efficiency Part Three

Trip Planning to Save Gas

Another gas-saving tip from the US Department of Energy encourages more effective trip planning. They advise that saving gas by planning your route involves not just taking fewer trips when you can, but what you take, what’s in or on your car, and where it is placed.

For example, you can help reduce your fuel costs by combining errands for shorter trips that cover the same terrain. If the gas station, the grocery store and the dry cleaner’s are all close by, you can save fuel by making it a habit to visit them all during the same trip. Part of the difference will come from the fact that a cold start of your engine takes up more fuel than one where the engine is already warm.

It’s also a good idea to review your common traveling routes to see if you are taking either the shortest route, or the one with the least amount of time spent idling at lights, etc.

In addition, if you can rearrange your commute trip, you can increase your fuel efficiency by:

  • Staggering your work hours so that you are driving at off-peak times instead of at rush hour
  • Consider car-pooling or ride shares
  • Take public transportation
  • Telecommute if your employer allows it


You can save gas on road trips, too. Loaded roof racks can reduce your gas mileage by up to five percent, so compare the mileage for taking a smaller, loaded down car, to taking a slightly larger car. Also watch how much you carry with you in the car, as an extra 100 pounds can cause a 1 – 2 percent reduction.

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