Auto Road Service | Fuel Efficiency Part One

Using fuel more efficiently can help prevent breakdowns that result from running out of gas.

As awareness of the many issues of petroleum-powered vehicles become more widespread sources of controversy, many US motorists have become more curious about how to use less gas when driving. Reasons range from environmental to political concerns.

The United States Department of Energy gives a special series of tips on how to improve your fuel efficiency. In the next few articles, we’ll be covering their advice on the four main methods of reducing gas expenditure. Those four methods are:

  1. Keeping Your Car Healthy
  2. Better Trip planning
  3. Choosing to Drive More Efficiently, and,
  4. Choosing a More Efficient Car

Each way to reduce the amount of fuel you use comes with its own list of best practices, which we’ll detail in the next few articles. 

Whether it is the price, environmental effects or possible political concerns of gas use that makes this an area of interest, there can also be safety concerns. We often forget that getting the best mileage out of your car can also prevent us from accidentally running out of fuel as well.  

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