Auto Road Service | Night Driving Safety Tips Part Two

More tips for night driving safety

As we’ve discussed in the last part of the series, night diriving safety is important because traffic accidents that result in death go up at night, yet many of the incidents are preventable.

Here are some more items to consider when driving at night.

  • Get your eyes checked as often as your optician suggests, at least yearly.
  • Be aware of your changing need for light at night. At age 50 you may need twice as much light to drive at night as you did at age 30.
  • If you must pull off the road due to an emergency, pull as far off the road as you can, and make sure you observe all safety rules for making sure you can be seen.
  • On longer trips, stop constantly to stretch, eat, drink or rest. Fatigue is a leading cause of night accidents. Remember how much ground your car is covering. Dozing off or losing attention for even a moment can be the difference between havng an accident or not.
  • Of course, never drink and drive.
  • If your high beams are on when you’re following another vehicle, or when you see a car approach on the opposite side of the road, change to your low beams to avoid blinding them.
  • If another driver doesn’t lower their high beams when approaching, you can look to the right and use the right edge of the road as a steering guide until they pass momentarily.

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