Auto Road Service | If You Spot a Tornado Approaching

Safety tips for driving in harsh weather conditions.

If you hear that your area has a tornado watch or tornado warning, and you are already indoors, you should not drive. You will want to follow the safety guidelines for finding adequate shelter, or being safe in the shelter you have already found.

Should you be out driving already and spot a tornado, according to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, under no circumstances should you attempt to outrun it. The tornado could quickly turn directions, and lift your vehicle into the air – with you in it.

The procedure they reccommend is to get out of your car or truck immediately and find the nearest building where you can seek shelter. In the case that you cannot find shelter fast enough, they suggest that you lay in a ditch or any low-lying area that is away from your car. Be sure and watch for the potential for flooding as well.

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