Auto Road Service | 9 Safety Tips for All Drivers

No matter what time of year it is, keeping these tips in mind will keep you that much safer on the road.

Here are Nine of the Top Safety Tips for General Safe Driving.

  1. Remember the basics of driving – some of them are in the driver’s handbook you get for the driving test.
  2. Take all safety precautions, even on short trips – buckle up and check your brakes often.
  3. Never driver through standing water.
  4. Keep space around you, including an extra route. When the weather outside is frightful, leave even more space between you and other drivers.
  5. Be extra wary at intersections, even when you’re cruising through on a green light.
  6. Stay alert – don’t drive when you haven’t had enough sleep and always keep your attention focused on the road.
  7. Don’t tangle with bad drivers. Let people riding your bumper and speeders just drive pass you.
  8. If you find yourself in a situation where you must pass another vehicle, expecially a tractor trailer, don’t linger in their blind spot.
  9. Even in areas where cars are stationary, be observant. A parked car could suddenly pull out in front of you. A pedestrian could cross in the middle of the street at a busy light.

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