Auto Road Service | Driving When Weather Restricts Visibility

This time of year, rain and snow can affect your ability to see – learn how to best drive under these conditions.

For drivers who live in the parts of the country that get rain and snow this time of the year, these tips are likely well known already. Those of us visiting during the holidays from sunnier states could use a refresher that tells us how to modify our driving behavior to deal with the visibility issues that inclement weather conditions create.

Driving speed should of course, always be moderate, and safe. With bad weather, it’s especially important to maintain not only slower speeds, but those that allow enough time for sudden stops on the road without hitting another vehicle. It’s also important not to drive so slow that you become a hazard to the other drivers on the road.

If you have an urgent roadside matter that causes you to pull off the road, make sure that you move your vehicle completely out of the roadway. In rainy or snowy weather, drivers tend to follow the lights on the rear of the car in front of them – you don’t want anyone to mistake your car for being on the road when it is pulled off the main throughfare. For this reason, also turn on your hazard lights and avoid pressing the brake while your car is pulled over and already stationary.

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