Auto Road Service | Holiday Season Driving Series

A few things to check before you take a holiday road trip. Part one of a series.

A holiday road trip would be stressful enough without a break down. Checking a few things before you leave will greatly lessen your chances of being stranded in the chilly (or wet) winter weather.

  • Make sure your wipers work properly. Whether you are facing wet weather, ice or snow, you never realize how much you depend on your wipers until they don’t work correctly. Keep a spare just in case.
  • Fix any engine problems. If your car idles, stalls or has periodic problems turning over, now is the time to nip it in the bud.
  • Change filters as needed. Air, fuel or PCV filters especially are worth a double-check.

We’ll have more holiday related tips in this series as we get closer to celebrating Thanksgiving here in the States.

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