Auto Road Service | Turn Off Cell Phones for Safe Driving

Most trips we make are so short, a call can wait. When they can’t there are safety guidelines you can follow.

Driving during a cell phone conversation is not only dangerous, in many states it is also illegal. If you can’t pull over where it is safe to answer the phone, then it’s probably a good idea to let them leave a message.

If you’re going on a longer trip and cell phone communication is essential, there are really only two safe alternatives if driving while engaged in a cellular phone conversation is permitted.

With the first option, you’ll want to get a hands-free system in your car, with features such as speed dial, voice dial and even a timer. In this way, you’d be able to drive without needing to look away from the road during the converation.

The only other safe option is to have someone else drive. Even the most versitile, mult-tasking road warrior increase their chances of having an accident greatly if talking on a hand-held mobile device while driving. And, of course, if it’s illegal in your state, you don’t have a choice anyway.