Roadside Safety | Driving In Winter Weather Part Two

Part two of series about driving in winter weather.

Under poor driving conditions, there are additional precautions you will need to take when driving. Doing so can help you avoid accidents and minor traffic mishaps. The following tips, continued from the last series, will help arm you with the knowledge to drive defensively against the elements.

  • Avoid using overdrive on icy roads.
  • Don’t use cruise control either.
  • Bridges and overpasses freeze first. Be paricularly careful if the weather starts to turn while you’re out.
  • Don’t pass sanding trucks or snow plows. Not only are they often unable to see you, you run the risk of driving into what they are clearing off the streets.
  • Even with front wheel drive or four wheel drive vehicles, do not presume that your vehicle is equipped to handle all conditions. There may be additional problems under snow or ice that you aren’t able to see.


Being extra vigilant during rough weather protects you, your passenger, your car and other drivers.

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