Roadside Safety | Is Your Car Winterized?

Inclement weather affects driving conditions. Here are a few things to check for winter weather.

Even the parts of the United States that don’t start to get snow or cold weather until late in the fall are going to begin to be affected by at least a temperature change soon, usually during the weekend after Halloween. For some parts of the country, such as the Southwest, this may just mean milder temperatures. Yet for much of the Northeast, Northwest, Midwest, parts of the South, and Canada, this means at minimum, temperatures that are cold enough for ice, or even snowfall.

Here is a short list of questions about winter weather preparations.

  • How are your anti-freeze levels? 
  • When was the last time you checked your brakes and brake pads? The hoses, belts, wiring, and ignition need a look too.
  • What is the condition of your tires? Do the need to be rotated or replaced?
  • Have your spark plugs been adjusted lately?
  • Do you need to check all your PCV valve, and filters (including emission, air and fuel)
  • Is your battery charged, and does it hold a charge?
  • How often should you be having a tune-up?

    Many of the items on this list can be checked during, or in addition to, a tune-up by a mechanic. If you haven’t had your tune-ups, it’s critical that you have one as soon as you can before winter weather sets in.


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