Roadside Emergencies From Unanticipated Hazards

Who Thinks Their Rearview Mirrors Aren’t Sufficient?

Few drivers climb into the driver seat anticipating a roadside emergency from something as seemingly insignificant as their rearview mirrorrearview mirror’s size. But the truth is that the rearview mirror is a safety feature nearly born with the very first personal vehicle. From day one of highway travel, even on a rocky dirt path decades ago, car drivers have recognized the vitality of mirrors to see around the car.

Driving would be vastly different if the rearview mirror were obsolete. In the same mind, driving could be improved even in today’s established transportation world with better rearview mirror visibility. The larger car owner can’t argue that visibility changes quite a bit with the size increase of a vehicle.

Sometimes the most minor aspects of a vehicle are a roadway hazard. It’s easy to rely on the feeling of safety that driving a large vehicle induces, but emergencies happen to the best of us. Even an insufficient rearview mirror can be an unanticipated hazard on the road.

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