Losing Roadside Assistance is a Traveler’s Nightmare

Never Drive Out of Service

roadside assistancePurchasing roadside assistance service is a comfort for many drivers. In America, owning a vehicle for transportation is abundant as there are many miles to cover between states and cities. The mass of land that we call home also brings into perspective the coverage that emergency roadside assistance provides. Will your roadside service agency be able to assist you from anywhere?

Even with so much advancement in modern technology over recent years, service can be limited at times. Cell phones drop calls frequently, wireless Internet is hit-or-miss, and there are many locations, notably in the western section of the country, where the next gas station is miles down the road. Ask your roadside service agency about their coverage. If they state that they can be called to anywhere, make sure anywhere is really what is meant.

Inquire about the standards for any roadside assistance program, if any types of off-roads may not be considered roadside-assistance worthy. If you’re not planning to travel to certain locations, an assistance program that is limited by location may be suitable, but the investment is always more beneficial if it includes all areas on the map.

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