Winter Roadside Emergencies

Road Service Preparation

Gearing up your car for the winter before you travel is a matter of a little preparation before the cold months arrive. It is better to anticipate a minor occurrence than to be stranded without road assistancesupplies you may need. In the winter, being broken down on the side of the road without preparation is a frigid and unpleasant situation.

Make sure to stock your vehicle with an atlas, emergency flares, a toolbox, blankets, drinking water, oil, antifreeze, and an extra tire if possible. Be sure to bring your cell phone and a battery charger to be able to call for help. Having a roadside assistance program to bail you out in such circumstances can be an absolute lifesaver, but it is necessary to have a means to call out for that service. The time for getting ready for winter is upon us so don’t hesitate to begin stocking your car with supplies and researching roadside assistance programs.

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