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Drivers That Are Distracted Cause Car Accidents

Today so many things distract drivers. People are messing with their radio and mp3 players, playing with gadgets on their dashboard, and talking on cell phones. If you see that car in front of you is slowing down and then speeding up at random, most likely it is because that driver is distracted. It is […]

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Lower The Cost Of Your Teen’s Auto Insurance With These Tips

Teen drivers cause an increase in the cost of a family’s auto insurance. This is because the insurance is based upon the driver’s likeliness to get into an accident. According to statistics, inexperienced, young drivers account for a large number of accidents. Therefore, it is important to sign your teenager up with emergency auto assistance […]

Choosing A Good Road Service Program

Road service programs are very helpful and important to have. They provide you with assistance when you experience a vehicle breakdown. Having a good, reliable road service program can alleviate the stress and frustration that comes with vehicle breakdowns. Choosing a good road service program is important. Different companies offer different kinds of services. Therefore […]

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When Buying Your Teen A New Car, Roadside Assistance Is Necessary

Many parents find it difficult to make a decision about whether or not they should purchase a vehicle for their teenager. There are some parents who are able to afford purchasing a new car for their teenager, but there is concern about over-indulging their child. If parents do not spend enough money on a car […]

Roadside Assistance Will Assist You When You’re Locked Out Of Your Vehicle

People accidentally lock themselves out of their cars very often. When you lock your keys in your car there are a lot of things that you can do: 1. Have a spare key made. You can do this at a local hardware store. They are inexpensive to have made, so it is a good idea […]

An Emergency Roadside Kit And Roadside Assistance Are A Smart Combination

Newer cars are designed with a ton of safety features that help keep you and your passengers safe in case you get into a car accident. Today, most vehicles come with factory-installed emergency roadside kits. These kits usually have important items such as flashlights, jumper cables, and reflective markers. Emergency roadside kits help you in […]

Prepare For Summer With Maintenance and Roadside Assistance

Summer is almost here, therefore it is important to perform maintenance on your vehicle. Here are some tips to help you prepare your car for the summer heat. Performing the necessary maintenance will help avoid the need to call for roadside assistance. First off, get your belts and hoses checked. Many cars today have a […]