Ford’s Sync Entertainment System Is Less Distracting

ford-sync.jpgA recent study by Ford shows that its Sync entertainment system causes drivers to be less distracted than with other entertainment systems, according to the carmaker.  This leads to fewer accidents and calls for roadside assistance.

Ford claims that this assessment is due to the fact that voice commands are used with Sync, which causes drivers to look away from the road about two seconds during a commute, as opposed to around 25 seconds for a driver using a phone or standard MP3 player.

Ford studied 25 drivers by asking them to do simple tasks, such as dialing a number consisting of ten digits, finding a person in a digital phone book, text messaging and finding a certain song.  The researchers examined time with eyes off of the road; speed changes, swerving out of a lane, and differences in the amount of attentiveness while doing a task.

While, Ford’s report may be true, there is room to be skeptical.  After all, it has been reported that it is just as dangerous to talk on the phone hands-free, as it is to hold a cell phone while driving. Drivers should be responsible and purchase a good auto warranty to protect them from new technology failure.  And of course, motorists need to be more cautious than ever because of all of the distractions on the road.

Posted on Friday, April 1st, 2011 at 2:52 pm In Roadside Assistance Program