Ford’s New Self-Parking Technology

images-22.jpgDo you have a hard time parallel parking?  Have you found yourself calling for roadside assistance because of a parking fender bender? Your problem is solved.  No longer just Toyota and Lexus’ domain, a self-parking system will make its debut with the 2010 model year on the MKT crossover and Lincoln MKS sedan and will most likely spread through Ford’s lineup soon thereafter.  On the parking lot at the Cobo Center’s rooftop at the Detroit Auto Show, Ford allowed its Active Park Assist to be put through the paces.

Ford’s self-parking system isn’t as elaborate as Lexus’ Active Parking Guidance System, however it does the trick, and it is much easier.  It’s basically parking for dummies.

Ford’s system utilizes motorized electric power steering in order to turn the front wheels.  You just have to take your foot off of the brake and allow the vehicle to ease on in.  The system also utilizes ultrasonic parking assist, instead of the camera system that Lexus uses, so you just have to listen for beeps that speed up and go solid as you get close to the car behind you.

Many people struggle with parallel parking, and Ford’s new self-parking system alleviates this problem.  This technology will save a lot of people from having to call for auto road service.

Posted on Friday, January 16th, 2009 at 5:38 pm In Roadside Assistance Program