Driving While Texting

images-4.jpegIt can be tempting to text-message in your car, especially if you’re stuck in traffic.  You assume that there is little risk involved, however, if the person in front of you stops a little faster than you intended, all of a sudden you may find yourself calling your road service program.

Recent studies show that avoiding texting in the car will drastically reduce your chances of getting into a car accident.  In fact, four states are making an attempt to ban driving while texting (DWT).  Washington put a ban earlier in the year on texting while on the road.

Statistics suggest that DWT is a danger that is growing.  In drivers ages 16 and 17, 46% admitted that they have texted while driving.  A study by Nationwide Insurance indicates that DWT is a generational activity.  Out of people ages 18-27, 37% admit to texting while driving, meanwhile, only 14% of 28-44 year olds admit to this.  Also, only 2% of 45-60 year olds said they texted on the road.

Cities around the nation are passing text-message ordinances because of the danger that it poses.  It is best to just refrain from this activity, otherwise you might find yourself calling for emergency roadside assistance.