Storm In Ohio Valley Leaves Motorists Stranded

images.jpegThe Ohio Valley was hit with severe snow and ice on Tuesday, which made for dangerous driving conditions.  There was a layer of ice, covering 4 inches of snow in Kentucky due to freezing rain.  Southern Illinois had 8 inches of snow covered in ice.  Pittsburgh already had 5 inches of snow by noon with 3 more inches expected.

All of the snow and ice meant trouble for motorists.  Louisville highways left dozens of vehicles abandoned on the freeways at night. Drivers that didn’t have a roadside assistance program found themselves in dangerous conditions. The Western Kentucky Parkway had to close a section due to trees that had been weighed down by ice.  Near Indianapolis Interstate 65 had five-miles of highway closed in the morning due to dozens of wrecks.

Driving conditions were so risky that First Lady Laura Bush decided to cancel a trip that she had planned to Kentucky.  In addition, The National Park Service had to cancel an event at Abraham Lincoln’s birthplace because driving was treacherous.

In this type of inclement weather it is best to stay home.  Unfortunately, some people have to get to where they’re going.  The best thing that drivers can do to ensure their safety is make sure they are covered by a roadside assistance program.  Road service ensures that motorists will not be stranded in dangerous conditions.  Unfortunately, many drivers in the Ohio Valley found themselves stranded without a road service program.

Posted on Wednesday, February 13th, 2008 at 2:08 pm In Roadside Assistance Program  

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