For Motorists’ Assistance

Road service is that service which is provided by various companies to car owners. Basically, road service is the help given by the dealers or the special team of the company that resolves mechanical failures and technical snags. Road service is provided at a cost, but it is less for the annual subscriber. Road service can assist all sorts of motorists.

Road service is offered by the individual and independent agencies that specializing in any type of motor’s maintenance and repairs. National independent agencies are the best one to get registered other than local dealers. National independent agencies have a presence countrywide. They will provide you any kind of help, anywhere, and any time in the whole country.
The services included engine service, replacement of flat tire, power train and drive train repair and inspection, fuel and fluid delivery. Car owner have to pay the replacement cost of the spare parts. If the assistance can not be provided on the spot then the mobile squad will tow down your vehicle to the near by repair station. These services are very helpful so it is better to register for them. You can also contact your dealer for different offers.