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Auto road service is a branded service offered by the auto dealer to make traveling easy for motorists. Initially, the auto road service was meant for owners of high end cars and luxury vehicles. However, on account of the popularity of the auto road service, it was extended to all categories of vehicles in the recent past. Earlier, only the auto dealers were offering the auto road rod service. Now, it is offered by several players, including several national level agencies, which have a network of auto dealers. The fee for auto road service depends on the category of service sought by the subscriber. There are separate slabs of fee.

Whenever the vehicle owner is on the speedway and needs additional information on the route taken or the town that the car is passing through, the auto road service provider could be contacted. If the vehicle driver loses way on the motorway, the subscriber will be taken in the correct route by the auto road service provider, using remote navigational aid. Also, the vehicle driver will be helped in identifying the entry and exit points of the freeway. In case the vehicle runs of oils and lubricants, they will be delivered to the spot.