Subscribe to driver friendly service

Auto road service has been evolved to ensure that every motorist travels on the freeway  without any minor or major troubles coming their way. The auto road service is provided by a national player with a network of several service agencies. This network ensures that the subscriber does not face any problem relating to the car or the route. Motorists can subscribe to auto road service by paying an annual fee to the service provider. Additional fee has to be paid to the service provider depending on the services sought by the subscriber. It is useful to subscribe to driver friendly service.
If the subscriber is planning a drive on the inter state freeway, assistance can be sought from auto road service provider. The shortest route will be charted out for the subscriber to reach the neighboring state. Information relating to gas stations, malls, restaurants, ATM counter and hotels along the route will be specified to the motorist. If the motorist loses way while using the freeway, the auto road service provider will help the driver in identifying the correct route. Help will be given in identifying the exit and entry points of the speedway. For subscription details, call the local auto dealer.