Specialized service for motorists

Auto road service is a specialized service for motorists that has been evolved by the auto dealers. Initially, the auto road service was offered as a complementary service for owners of high end and luxury car owners to retain the goodwill of the customers. Besides, it also attracted new high end customers. After the auto road service became popular because of the benefits it offers, it was extended to all categories of vehicles, including cars, station wagons, jeeps and trucks. It is basically aimed at making driving a hassle free experience on the speedways. The auto road service is provided against payment of an annual fee.

Apart from attending to problems relating to vehicle breakdown, a number of specialized and value added services are provided. If the vehicle owner loses track of the route while driving on the freeway, the auto road service provider will render remote navigational assistance system. The driver will also be navigated to the correct entry and exit points of the speedway. If the vehicle is on the verge of running out of fuel, the driver will be directed to the nearest gas station. If the vehicle runs out of lubricants and oils, they will be delivered to the subscriber.