Round the clock service


Emergency road service is a 24/7 service program that provides immediate assistance to car owners at the time of need. Whether your car breaks down in the middle of the road, you forgot your keys inside the car, engine failure or any other car related problem. An appropriate road service program can be your perfect aid in times of emergency and failure of your vehicle.

You can register for an appropriate road service program from any local auto dealer. It is always a safe option to register for a road service program at the time of purchasing the car. You have to make sure that your name and vehicle’s license number is registered under the emergency road service program. Many US States follow a rule whereby they do not hand over the car keys to the customers unless they do not register for the road service program.

Many auto dealers offer emergency road service as a complimentary gift just to attract more customers and earn goodwill. They charge a very nominal fee from the customers. Many auto warranty companies also provide this service for free for the first couple of years.