Road Service Just for you

Auto road service is a specialized program for drivers of all types of vehicles The auto road service is offered by the auto dealer in association with several independent agencies. An annual fee is collected from the vehicle owners for the auto road service. A range of services are offered to the vehicle owners such as vehicle breakdown service, repair and maintenance service and value added services. Additional fee will be collected from the vehicle owners if services are personalized according to their preferences.
If the vehicle owner seeks information while driving on the freeway, the auto road service provider will lend assistance. The motorists will be helped in identifying the nearest gas station, ATM counter, shopping mall, motels and hotels. If required, the auto road service provider will carry out the hotel room reservation booking and confirming the accommodation. If the vehicle owner is planning a long drive on the speedway but is not interested in driving on own, chauffeur services will be provided. If the stranded vehicle cannot be repaired on the spot, it will be towed to the nearest garage. If the driver intends to continue the journey, an alternative vehicle will be sent.