Useful service for frequent travelers

Auto road service is a latest concept aimed at ensuring hassle free road journeys for car owners. It is a highly useful service for frequent travelers, especially those using the interstate. The auto road service is offered by several reputed firms at the national level. An annual fee is collected from the subscribers. The fee ranges on the products and services sought by the motorists. Check with your local auto dealer for information relating to auto road service providers. 
Apart from attending to vehicle’s mechanical problems, there are a number of useful specialized services. For instance, if you are planning a trip, consult the auto road service provider. The agency will create a perfect trip with the roads to be taken to reach the destination by studying the traffic patterns. If you are not interested in driving all the way, chauffeur services will be provided. 

Under auto road service, hotel accommodation reservation, room booking, reservation confirmation and other assistance will be provided. The drivers will also be assisted in locating the nearest ATM counter, motel, gas station and restaurant. If the vehicles run out of fluids, lubricants and oils, they will be sent to the spot directly.