Road maintenance

Auto road service refers to special program launched by the local traffic management cell to maintain the road and keep it clear of all jams and disturbances. It is basically aimed at better road maintenance by helping vehicle owners and occupants in distress. This service is operated by the local county administration.  

Much of the auto road service is remotely managed since the movement of traffic is monitored through freeway surveillance system. Whenever the service detects any disturbance on the speedway, the highway patrol will be dispatched. If a vehicle is stranded on the freeway due to mechanical failure, mobile repair squads will be sent to rectify the vehicle and clear the road for smooth movement of traffic.  

If the car cannot be repaired on the spot, it will towed  to the nearest garage for a detailed inspection. Meanwhile, the vehicle occupants too will be taken to the nearest hotel and accommodated under auto road service program.  

Apart from assisting vehicles that have stranded on the speedway, the driver guidance is also offered under auto road service. For instance, if a driver is looking for a particular destination and cannot identify the route, the auto road service help desk will guide the driver through telephone.