Premium service

Auto Road Service is a premium service, which has value added programs. This service is operated by a number of players in order to ensure that the vehicle owners and motorists have a peaceful journey. Check with the local auto dealer for more information on the subscription. Always choose a reputed road service provide, who can provide premium service. Look into the local yellow pages or even browse the Internet to trace the auto road service provider of your choice.
Under auto road service, apart from providing routine assistance such as rectifying vehicular breakdown, many other assistances are given. For instance, the service provider helps the vehicle owner in finding the nearest route from the place of origin to the destination planned. If the car owner is not interested in driving all the way, chauffeur services will be provided. Similarly, if the driver has lost his way, under the auto road service, road guidance will be provided. The driver will be assisted in identifying the entry and exit points of the speedway.

The auto road service also offers other services such as tracing the nearest ATM outlet, mall, restaurant, gas station and motels. Hotel room bookings and reservation will also be carried out for the benefit of the vehicle owners.